Sunday, 15 January 2012

EQUUS 2013 - Evolution

A new project
EQUUS 2013 – Evolution
A project of experimentations leading to an exciting exhibition of cutting edge equestrian art.
The purpose of this project is to gather a group of leading equestrian artist working in different style sharing ideas, creating a common story of experimentation. Those artists will be challenged to present new visions and new fresh approach to equestrian art over a year. So far, some incredible artists will participate to the project:
·       Judy Boyt, sculptor :

·       Tessa Campbell Fraser sculptor:

·       Julieann Worrall Hood sculptor:

·       Sally Martin painter:

·       And me  or

We will also start a blog that will run for the duration of the project with the stories, the progress, ideas and sketches. Artists will meet up few times during the project.  The project will be online for a year via a blog with the final exhibition (Location TBD) where sculptures, paintings and sketches will be displayed.
…but check out all the latest information on the project on the website or the blog:

This is only the start so follow us….

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Hi everybody,
I have been quite quiet for a while and I think it is time for me to get going:) New year and new year resolutions... sounds familiar?:):)

Actually for a change, i haven't made any new year resolution , no for any other reasons that I was quite busy preparing new projects and  a new schedule of exhibitions for 2012.

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