Thursday, 9 February 2012

Start of 2012!

Well, Its time for me to start my 2012 year!

Every year, I always seem to do the same thing , I am doing a bit of planning of the year usually in end December/early January  but for some reasons. this year took a bit longer.

It is thinking time!

End of December and early January, I like to do my planning for the year. this year in particular, I am concentrating on getting a business plan a bit better, planning marketing , exhibitions ( as much as I can so far), what work I will need to do to make sure i get those exhibition right.

This year I am also doing open studios with West-berkshire  and part of it, there is an exhibtion in Arlington center. The theme fo rthat this year is "afterwords" which  will be challenge for me and I am really tempted to do a sculpture which has nothing to do with animals for once. So i have ben thinking about this for a while, sketching ideas and thinking again. I have few ideas but will see...

 I have been thinking, looking through my last yea sketch book, sketching ideas, and thinking again! looks like I am doing a fair amount of work in my head at the moment!:) i have some good idea and they start to materialize slowly...time to start working on them. The idea that i have this year are an extension of what i have been working on so far, the directions are still changing a bit but the fundamental of the work stay the same.

I have few new works at the moment and I am just waiting to do the moulds! Another work is also being made so you will know more about it very soon.
This year I have also the challenge to finish some of my old work! I have few pieces unfinished,  a more traditional work but it will be interesting to see how they benefit from my latest research.

keep looking ...soon some new works.....