Thursday, 3 September 2009

my dog sculptures

I specialize in sculpting  Boxer dogs, Pugs and English Bulldogs. I have sculpted other dogs as a commission but my collection of dog sculptures is mainly based around those breeds.
Saturday I am on my way to drop my work at the Dogs in Art Gallery in Stokebridge. The gallery will be representing my canine sculptures.

Already available:
Life size boxer dog
Life size boxer dog head study
Boxer dog head study I ( medium)
Boxer dog head study II ( small)
English bulldog head study I ( small)
Pug head study I ( small)
Standing Pug about 20 cm high
Proud ( Standing boxer) about 25 cm high

Coming soon:
Pair of sitting pugs - being cast
Boxer head plaque - being cast
Lying little boxer dog - only 12-15cm - being cast

On going work:
larger sitting Pug
lying boxer dog II
Pug head plaque

Please contact Victoria at the Dogs in Art Gallery for more details

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