Saturday, 17 April 2010

animal art fair exhibition - Fulham palace-London

The Animal Art fair went pretty well considering that there wasn't enough people through the doors. Since I didn't really exhibit for a while, it was beneficial to put my new work in front of the public view and I had some fantastic comments and reviews.
The little teracota and stoneware horses and heads almost all sold, some customers came back to buy one that they saw earlier but it sold in the meantime so some disappointment for some.
2 of the little pugs sold and couple of pastel studies.

Suzan Crawford - one of the top international equestrian artist came to my stand and said that she really like my work. This is such a great motivation for an emerging artist to get such comments from well-known top artist!

The little Cheetah in bronze also sold to a lovely lady who has been to Africa to see the Cheetahs. But just before hand, one of the top wildlife artist, kenyan Artist Murray Grant came to my stand and commented on my little cheetah. Considering the way I modeled it ( went to a zoo and modeled from reference pictures!), it was very very good and apparently I should do more cheetahs. So..I will!
I will try another work a bit larger. I will have to carry-on for the time being going to the zoo but I will try to plan a trip to Namibia one day to do more studies ( sketches, studies and modeling form life)....


  1. Glad the fair went well for you Marie! It looks great. Happy Birthday by the way!
    We missed you at the SEA Meeting by the way! :-)

  2. hi Debbie

    Thank you very much! Hope you are well.
    yes, i missed everything, the get together, the meeting and AGM..this was a bad timing