Wednesday, 5 May 2010

New projects for 2010 and 2011

I am starting few new projects this year.

The first one is about studying farm animal.  I was walking the dogs and looking at some of the beautiful animals around the english country side: chickens, cows, sheep, wiltshire horns, Buffalos, pigs, etc. Spring and summer is around the corner ( well, we hope) and this is the perfect time to do some life modeling.

The second one is to carryon working on wildlife with few trips to the zoo (... until I manage to do a trip in africa!:) ). What I am interested in at the moment is mainly Cheetahs for the time being but will see what a trip to the zoo will bring.

The third one is do carry-on working on equestrian subjects.

The fourth one is to carry-on improving my sketching. I will try different media but the one I really like for the moment is charcoal. Sketching in  charcoal is very close to modeling and that's probably why I really enjoy it. I have started some exercises daily: contours and gesture drawings, lots of quick sketches and I have just ordered some large sheets of papers to try to do much larger drawings as well.

so I will keep you posted about my progresses...

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