Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Projects for 2011

I have few projects that I am starting to work on for next year ( mid 2011 forward).

The first project is my first solo show in June 2011
I have decided to give it a go and go for it so my first solo show will be in May-June next year.
I need to sort out a location, it will be only held for a week-end.

The second project is to go to Africa to draw and sculpt wildlife
This is a long term project and for that I need to carryon my daily sketching from life as much as i can so I am ready to sketch there.
I have also just taken my annual membership to Marwell Zoo so for the moment, I will be sketching and modeling wildlife in Marwell:)


  1. Both projects sound like great ideas - do keep us informed about the solo exhibition. England this time?

  2. hi Katy

    thanks a lot. ...will do.
    well, yes, i know this is not the best time to do a solo show so I think this might be only over a week-end rather than a full week so it is less of a risk.