Wednesday, 5 January 2011

the new challenge: 100 days in the unknown! Day 52

I am back after the Christmas Holidays and back on track on my journey. It was very good to have a break in a way as it gave me time to look again at my sketchbooks and also read few books, some of them are still not finished.

one of the book was " Henry Moore: on being a Sculptor" , very very good. This is the type of book you can probably read more than once.

This little break also allowed me to check on my progresses, for example with my little installation of 100  little ceramic horses. I thought that I was progressing quite well but noticed that only 20 were done...80 more to go!! I have been also experimenting with glazes and rethink this installation a little bit.

One think I am aslo going to start again is life drawing! I am going to concentrate a bit on my little bulldog as he is now fully grown and full of character! back to my charcoals and pens.

for day 52, I have been looking again at my horse and amazone, geometric/architectural work and produce another maquette

Latest maquette -Horse and amazone 3 - clay

Horse and amazone 2 - clay - bisc fired ready for glazing! or Raku? will see

Horse and amazone 1

Part of the same idea is the skyscrapers, still thinking about also doing more maquettes around this idea, using also different materials...

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