Thursday, 24 February 2011

the new challenge: 100 days in the unknown! Day 62 onwards

The days are spacing between each days of this challenge that started as an experimentation process and also to question and push the boundaries of my current body of works.
There is a reason for that as the deeper I go into the experimentations, the questioning, the thinking process and the longer I spend on working on the projects, the sketches become maquettes and the maquettes becomes sketches again, and so on. I feel that some few of the projects, It is time to build the artwork now:)

With this challenge I didn't necessarily expect to move my work to a very different direction , I didn't really know what to expect but the only things I set myself for was to  experiment with new materials, new processes and think around my concepts and ideas and push the boundaries. I had to forget about realism and details to free myself and start to raise the right questions and find the answers without any pre-conceived ideas.

As well as my work, my way of working have changed a lot.  I wouldn't say that I had an artist vision as such when I was sculpting to represent reality with meticulous details , looking at the subject , capturing the essence ( I thought it was) of the subject, true to life...for me, copying reality is not  having a vision, it is just copying reality. nothing wrong with that ...but what is next?

Anyway, at the moment, I am updating my website and re-writing my artist statement as it is a bit "shaky" at the moment and it describe more my journey than my statement of work...and to have to put in words what your ideas, concepts and inspirations are is actually quite hard work! I have been re-writing it few times already!
The website is starting to take shape and the statement will end up ok, hopefully.  To write the statement is a good exercise as it helps to gather and focus my ideas.

Anyway to talk about the challenge, The last 38 days will be spreaded much longer as there are few little project I want to take on, still with the same concepts.... I just bought a tin of tar from the DYI shop :):) so I have the intention to experiment with that material to sketch, will see what I can get from that.  As the days look better,I will also start drawing again.
Also I really would like to go to a course of stone carving but this will have to wait for the moment.  I think that some of the maquettes that I am working on at the moment would really work well in stone, will see as well.   I want to rework some of the maquettes again , scale some up.....

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