Wednesday, 16 March 2011

the new challenge: 100 days in the unknown! Day 66 -Visit to the affordable art fair and more stuffs

The affordable art fair - London

I have never been to the affordable art fair before so this year as part of my journey I decided to visit the fair and see what is out there in the "contemporary world of art" and hopefully see something unusual:)
I didn't like all the art there but I can say that I really enjoyed visiting the fair, I can't really say that I was bored! so many weird and unusual artwork to see.
I saw a difference in the way I was approaching the artwork, whether i liked it or not, I was a lot more open to look at it and appreciate the technique or the finishing, etc so i can definitely say that all the "art history" books that I read and all those experimentations really opened my mind on new and different art and way of thinking and seeing. I could relate to some of the artwork and understand which movement or artists it was inspired from.

The other positive point about the affordable art fair is a good boost of confidence. My work has changed so much during those last few months that I am sometime not too sure about what I am doing or why I am following those strange ideas:) but I think it is important that I do that work and embrace all my ideas, some may not work out but hopefully some might eventually.

Feel comfortable with the disasters , masterpieces will come

Avery strange things happened, you know when sometimes you receive a comment, an email or an article JUST at the right and perfect time?

I have subscribed to a fair number of newsletters  on art history, contemporary art news, marketing your art, etc, etc.  Today I received an article written by Lori Woodward " Give yourself the permission to fail", Such a great article! here is the link to the article:

For those who have read my blog and my journey so far, you will understand why I love this article as it really helps me to understand  and also feel better about what I have been working on so far.

Here are some of the points of the article (Lori agreed for me to quote her):
1)"Ideas are great, but unless you actually acts on those ideas, nothing gets accomplished. Do experiment and try something in order to grow"
2) "You will undoubtably make many disasters"
3)"You can't get to the masterpiece stage unless I'm willing to feel comfortable with the disasters"
4)"When you decide to take your work to the next level by working out of your own box, be prepared for what feels like backward movement"
5) "you'll be better off in the long run"
6)"Don't be afraid to experiment! Experimentation leads to new ideas and eventually to mature works of art"
7)"Be brave enough to make a flop, or several until you arrive at something that's well beyond your usual work. Have faith that each experiment is contributing to your eventual masterpieces... something beyond the ordinary, in fact... extraordinary."

I did feel so many times that I was moving backward rather than forward and I still many many times question some of the artwork that I currently produce - I suppose "my disasters":):)  But Lori is right, feeling more comfortable with those disasters makes you able to see the good points in them and take them to the next level.  Also I have to accept that at that stage of transition in my work, not all works is good yet and this is something sometimes hard to accept especially when the previous work was great:) (i say that ,of course - lol)

Moving out of my comfort zone is not an easy tasks, it is hard work and risky and hopefully, I will be better off in the long run but it can also be confusing sometimes. It is a bit like being in a maze, you start to open few doors then more doors open, and so on and it is very easy to get lost and confused, not knowing anymore which direction to take.

For the time being ,after my visit to the affordable art fair and reading this great article, I feel like i have drunk 20 coffees and about 30 red bulls!!! SO I feel great with all my experimentations and I am looking forward to my disaster masterpiece of course:):)

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