Monday, 15 August 2011

Sketch book - 15/08-life sketching -

Sketching is something I really enjoy.But it wasnt always like this.  When I started my career as a sculptor, I use to sculpt from life so I didn't really need to sketch ( to my opinion). last year, I decided to start sketching from life but it took a while before I understood what was sketching about.

I am a I need to sketch like a sculptor and feel the volumes. I like to be standing in the field or in the middle of the arena where people are riding and interacting with their horses. Of course one of my main issue is to capture a scene with few seconds to spare! not easy but it is so much fun! I had some good days, where I didn't really sketch much but ended playing with the foal! some foals even attempted to eat my sketchpad!:)

I also do a lot of exercises in the studio before I go in the field and one of the book I would highly highly recommend is: 
The Allen book of painting and drawing horses by Jennifer Bell
All of Jenny's examples in that book are great and I usually have a special sketchpad where I redo some of those examples on and on and on.... and on and on and on!! the sole purpose of this exercise is to feel the proportions, the shapes, and create some habit in drawing those forms. This is an important step, as once in the field..there is no time:) 

Some of todays sketchbook

Horses grazing

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