Friday, 15 January 2010

the "Sally Martin Challenge" - day 5

Still studying dressage. Due to the weather conditions, modeling or sketching form life is not quite possible so I have to use my memories as well as a large portfolio of pictures that I took this summer of my friend's horse.

I am not too happy with day 4 sculpture..seems that I have been trapped in thinking around the details rather than seeing the larger picture so I am going to have to re-work that one at some point or re-do the exercise, may be with a different media.
Anyway, I haven't started on Day 5 sculpture yet as so far I have been busy preparing a schedule of courses that I will start to do.

So far I did couple of sketches ( still trying to make sure I do some sketching every days!).
here is the result... sculpture to follow later.... looks like it will be a late night today.

I really like the very basic of the first sketch just showing the main curves of the mouvement....

By the way, the paper that I am using for the sketches at the moment are the left over from the Christmas paper and also the central cardboard to keep the Christmas paper in rolls.... I really liked the color and texture :):)

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