Friday, 1 January 2010

The "Sally Martin Challenge"

2010 will be a very busy year for me. As well as starting teaching sculpture techniques ( have a look at the link for more information ), I have decided to set myself a challenge. I will call this challenge the "Sally Martin" challenge. 

Sally Martin a well-known and very very talented equestrian painters started the "100 paintings in 100 days challenge". You can follow her amazing work here . 

I think that type of work is just such a good idea to try out different medias, experiment and loosen up your work. I went ages ago to a sketching class ( Rachel Clark in London) and it was amazing the technique she was following to setup very tight schedules of sketching (sessions of  30 mins sketchings, sessions of 2 mins sketchings,  etc). By the end of the sketching class, you realized that your drawing techniques improved a lot and it loosen up the drawings. I was then able to capture the movements without too many details but also I was a lot faster with my drawings and was able to pick up the main relevant details. I think to try to apply this technique to sketching and sculpting again could be such an amazing adventure.

I hope that Sally doesn't mind if I pinch her idea ( but I called it  the "Sally Martin Challenge"!). Anyway, I won't be doing 100 days but may be 40 days, also I need to understand how to plan this with the sculpture as doing a sculpture is a day might also be a bit of a challenge by itself!

This is the challenge: Over the next 40 days starting the 11th of January, I will be doing a small piece of art per day - sculpture in clay, mixed media sculpture, sketches. My work is not necessary based around equestrian subjects as Dogs are also a big part of my collection of works.

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  1. just thinking about "how" I am going to do that is already a challenge:)