Tuesday, 28 September 2010

the new challenge: 100 days in the unknown! Day 23-back on track?

In my latest work and research, it became clear that "Simplicity is complexity solved" (Brancusi). I have never wanted to sculpt this way but it seems that I am pushed towards clean lines, simple shapes, …essence of reality. a new sensibility evolve into a new sculpture...

I am reading about modern sculpture and loving the discovery of artists I didn't  know, understanding about concepts and ideas and this makes me see differently, open my mind to new directions. I am also finding new inspiration in artists that I really like such as Francois Pompon, Calder, Marini, Lynn Chadwick but also Henry Moore, Dick Marcusen and Picasso.
Couple of the artist who I can probably relate the most are Pompon and Brancusi... 
Pompon 's preoccupation in his art is to express the movement with the strength of the lines that defines the animal. Volumes are defined in space by the purity of the lines. The more a sculpture is removed from details that tied it up to the reality and more the form capture the essence of the subject.
But to do such requires perfect anatomy knowledge. I have been studying anatomy for a while now and I wouldn’t have been able to move in those directions without that knowledge but I still feel that I need to continue studying anatomy as much as i can and continue to develop traditional sculptures. 

Reality lies in the essence of things” said Brancusi ‘ and not their external forms hence it is impossible for anyone to produce anything real by merely imitating the external form of an object ”

"for me a work must first have a vitality of its own, i do not mean a reflection of the vitality of life, of movement, and so on but that a work can have in it an intense life of its own, independant of the object it represent." Henry Moore.

am I back on track? not sure yet....

I am still also fascinated by construction, and I have been around piling objects of all sort  in my studio...i have idea to do some work with hem but don't really know where to start...one day!

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