Friday, 3 September 2010

the new challenge: 100 days in the unknown! Catching up Day 8-9-10-11

Catching on uploading the progresses! ( 31st August - 3rd September).

Day 8 - trying out carving a brise-block has been a disaster! I dont think carving is for me but the main problem was planning what I was actually going to carve and carving out with a screwdriver and a hammer wasn't the best way:):)
I will have a go again but plan a bit more and also get some carving tools!

Day 9- Still looking for new mediums: clay, metals, stone, paper, wood? One of the material that intrigue me at the moment, and I will definitely do some of my more modern design using it is this:
The beers are not mine:) this is quite an interesting medium if I manage to use it

More sketching ( not in the way that most people would actually understand sketching!, this is my work  around the horse, a new vision)

This one was inspired by the oxford architecture and might give it a go in clay at some point. 

More work done
day 10 -day 11 - I started the little one on the bottom left in brown wax and in the mean time, I have redone this drawing in a very quick way and ended up with this one
funny little thing!
I didn't pay any attention at first to this  drawing and then I kept looking at it as I really found those shape very interesting. The more I was looking at it the more I had to try this one !
so here is it, still work in progress!

the head is falling a bit too much on the outside but will sort that out then the clay is a bit stronger.

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