Friday, 10 December 2010

the new challenge: 100 days in the unknown! Day 51

few days have been since day 50!

I have been waiting to receive some new tools and some new materials, little samples of some very funky new material but i will reveal those much later.

I also need to consider getting a wood burner for my studio next year ! too cold in there to work..can't do below freezing temperatures, in fact can't do below 5 degrees:) so didn't manage to do too much over the last couple of week.

I am still reading my book about Barbara Hepworth but I also bought a new book about graphic designs techniques as I feel this will also hep me a lot in my research.

a fair amount of little works came back from the kiln...nothing broke! will be testing different glazes next...

another little maquette
shape number 1 in clay ( red clay that once cooked becomes black!)

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