Saturday, 21 August 2010

The new challenge: 100 days in the unknown! -2 days to go

I am setting myself a new challenge which is a rather different one.

extended trot
In my research of a new direction, I am at the moment pursuing experimentations in geometric artwork, defining a subject ( animal or other) by the simplest forms and shapes that defines the essence of itself, or define the essence of a movement.  This all came down to my initial research of the movement when I started to decompose the movement from my latest piece called extended trot, 

I then sculpted extended trot study I where I stripped out all the details  but I still wasn't happy with what I wanted to do and so further researches lead me (after numerous sketches) to sculpt extended trot study II ( the contemporary lookalike one!).

Sketch - decomposition of the movement

extended trot study I

first draft of extended trot study I
extended trot study I

In those early research  that I have done so far, I have realized that more questions are popping,  and more and more research is pushing me into other directions: geometric forms,  abstraction and even architecture! When I started sculpting, I was largely inspired by the french "Animalier" such as Barye, Mene, but lately with new idea in mind my inspiration started to change slowly and many new inspirations as well!
 I love to sculpt a horse, a dog or even a person in a very traditional way, with the best details, perfect anatomy that I can possibly do but my heart is pushing me further in new directions. I am at the stage of my carreer where I need to look for a different venture and find my new inspirations. In my latest works ( 2009-until Now) my work started to change a fair bit but there is a stage where traditional work actually restrict you rather than helping you and this is why I have decided to do those research. I am not saying that one should avoid learning about anatomy, how the movement works, etc  and I will carry on my traditional work as well to continue learning...

The challenge is a journey of experimental work that will hopefully take my work to new directions but I am not sure where ....

This challenge is not about publishing a new piece of artwork everyday but it is about publishing my daily research and there will be some new pieces of artworks as a result ( may be daily).

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