Tuesday, 24 August 2010

the new challenge: 100 days in the unknown! Day 1

The new challenge.
In contrary to last challenge I attempted to do, this one is in a  totally differente nature.  for me a challenge is an opportunity to move out of the box and to try out something different, to try out some new material and to learn a new way.  Is this going to benefit my current work? may be , may be not or probably yes? I can not tell at that stage but I will hopefully have a new eye on it and will then be able to take it to new directions.

I have started my daily blog to describe the journey into this new venture, a journey into the unknown. This  daily challenge doesn't have the purpose to produce a new piece of art per day and sell it a low cost but it is a journey that will show you how those new works are made and why, the steps that I did follow to make the work.


As part of my previous studies on the extended trot, I have pushed the simplification of the movement even further.
The first sketch that led to extended trot study II, some movement lines just at the top and some thoughts. around modern art, abstract, geometric art and architectures. One of my latest clay work ( horse and amazon) made me think of gothic cathedrals so I will be also looking at architecture.

more simplification of the movement. Will sculpt it and see how it works or not.
Tempted to also try to use other materials as the front leg needs to be elevated but will try a clay study first.

My current reading books: 
The Modern Sculpture - a concise history - A fantastic book to try to understand the different mouvement in modern sculptures, from Rodin, Degas, Brancusi, Rodchenko, Picasso, Moore, Matisse, Giacometti, etc

Gaudi: architecture

Deborah Butterfield: equestrian sculpture , modern made with recycled materials, some very interresting things in that book.

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