Monday, 4 October 2010

the new challenge: 100 days in the unknown! Day 28

Looking at multiples.

I am currently looking at multiples. The first time I cam across multiples was when I wen to the museum to see the terracotta soldiers. It was amazing to see so many work all together. The effect was very strong, much stronger than having one single piece displayed.

this is not the one from london :)

Since that, I came across few other example of multiples: Anthony Gormley with the European Field,  Anthony Gormley with the Iron Men, Allan McCollum with Over ten thousand different worksMauro Perrucchetti  with his jelly babies sculptures...

During an exhibition, I did display once  a lot of little pugs and I must say they looked so great! better than f there was only one piece or even the pair.

It is very easy to see the difference here.  Visual effect in sculpture is as important as the work itself. Whether the work is displayed on a different base, or with other sculpture the effect that the viewer is experiencing is very important.
Would that then become an installation......where sculpture alone is not enough. Sculpture becomes part of the installation,an object to serve the installation.
I already have a great idea for a project with multiple sculpture:) which I will reveal later on in the course on the 100 days.

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