Thursday, 14 October 2010

the new challenge: 100 days in the unknown! Day 31-blockage! blank blank blank....

well, I thought it would be easy to get inspired for 100 days but IT IS NOT:)

going out of the comfort zone of what I usually do is quite tiring and there are days when I am quite happy with the result, some days when I think that it is terrible and now: BLANK! total blockage of inspiration!!
It has been 7 days with no artistic and creative work! looks like I probably needed a little break, yet again:)
Anyway, I had my 3rd life drawing class this evening and I am quite happy with few of the drawings, looks like I start to get a crack-on those drawing skills! I will be posting the pictures tomorrow.

About my "multiple project", I have been doing 3 pieces now ( out of the 16!) but I have been thinking around the ones that I have so far and I will have to re-start this one again as this is the wrong type of piece for this particular project that I have in this one will have to be re-thought:)

anyway, as I am typing, I have few the 100 days will resume soon. It is 100 days but not consecutives ones:)

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